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Art by Hanna Lee Tidd

Victorian Love Token Template - Free Download

Victorian Love Token Template - Free Download

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Victorian Love Tokens, also known as origami puzzle purses, hold a special place in the world of romantic gestures. These intricately folded paper purses unfold to reveal a secret message, and were originally exchanged by lovers during the 19th century as a symbol of affection and devotion. They also make charming invitations and notes to friends.

Use this template to get you started! Simply download and print.

I also have a few ready made designs that you can edit all of the text, illustrations and layout yourself! Check out my 'Ribbons & Bows' design here, or find my full collection of designs here.

Don't forget to check out my tutorial - How To Make A Victorian Love Token - for step by step instructions on how to fold your own Victorian-inspired origami love token!

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