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Art by Hanna Lee Tidd

Ribbons & Bows - Victorian Love Token Template

Ribbons & Bows - Victorian Love Token Template

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Victorian Puzzle Purses, also known as love tokens, hold a special place in the world of romantic gestures. These intricately folded paper purses unfold to reveal a secret message, and were originally exchanged by lovers during the 19th century as a symbol of affection and devotion. They also make charming invitations and notes to friends. 

I have crafted a ready made Ribbons, Bows & Flowers love token design perfect for Valentine's Day or for just telling your friends how much you love them! My design includes watercolour flowers, hearts, and bows. What more could you need. This download includes 2 options:

1) A blank PDF (no text) for you to simply print out and hand write your message.


2) An editable template that you can edit online yourself! You can edit the following: text, font, text size, add or delete images, resize everything and move or delete flowers.


If you'd prefer to design your own love token, feel free to download my free template here and follow my step-by-step instructions. I also have a few other ready made designs, you can check them all out here.

Please do not share or resell, this is for personal use only.

Any questions, please let me know! Happy crafting! x


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