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Art by Hanna Lee Tidd

The Happy Alphabet - Art Print

The Happy Alphabet - Art Print

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The Happiness Alphabet art print by Hanna Lee Tidd

The Happiness Alphabet is a fun, interactive piece of artwork that has been designed by YOU (but mostly me..)! Each letter of the alphabet resembles a reason to smile, all connected by one single line. You can watch daily drawings of the alphabet and the story unfold over on my Instagram or Tik Tok page.
Printed on high-quality Gicleè quality art paper. Various sizes available. As with all products sold via this website – for every order, we will plant 1 tree! 🙂

– Sizes:

– Small (21cm x 30xm – similar to A4 paper size)

– The Original (30cm x 40cm – similar to A3 paper size)

– Large (50cm x 70cm)

– Wordwide shipping available

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