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Art by Hanna Lee Tidd

Tattoo License

Tattoo License

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If you'd like to get my art tattooed, and can afford to do so, please consider buying this Tattoo Ticket License to help support my work.

Not only does it help me buy pens so I can keep creating, it's also a small gesture that means the world to me - I love to see my work tattooed on people, but it is sometimes disheartening when I don't receive any credit. By buying this tattoo license ticket you are saying "I see you" and I see you right back. :)

That being said, if you can't afford this right now... that's okay too. Please just pay it forward in kindness! And tag me in your photos if you can because I love to see it!

Please note this is for a license only, you will not receive an item other than the confirmation email that you can then show to your tattoo artist of choice as proof that you have permission to have my art tattooed.

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