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Art by Hanna Lee Tidd

Custom One Line Pet Portrait

Custom One Line Pet Portrait

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I am delighted that you are considering ordering a commission piece. Trying to find the perfect piece of art that speaks to you, makes you smile and makes a difference in your home can be difficult - let's work together to create a personalised work of art that is unique and beautiful!

Whether you are looking for a personal gift for your loved ones or just want to treat yourself, a commissioned portrait is perfect to display in any home.

This item is for a Custom One Line Pet Portrait - I can also create other commissions such as family portraits, representative pieces and other sentimental subjects so please email me if you have other ideas in mind. I love to get inspiration from working with others so don’t be shy! 

How to order your commission 

1) Choose your subject from my Commissions page (if you are reading this you are already here!)

2) Choose how many pets you'd like in your piece (1 animal, 2 animals, 3 animals, etc.)

3) Choose what size you'd like your final piece (A5, A4, A3, etc.) 

4) Choose your framing option

5) Once you have purchased your commission, please send me an email with photographs of your chosen subjects. You can send me as many as you like! Try to choose photographs that show off your subjects' best features.

6) Send me any special requests - for example, "My hair is a little bit longer now..." or "Please can you draw our names into the piece somewhere..." or "Can you please make it super abstract and wavey" and I will try my best to accommodate!

It usually takes around 2-3 weeks to fulfil a commission, if you need it super quick please drop me an email before purchasing and I will see what I can do!

My Custom portraits are drawn digitally and I use a certain amount of creative license with each one - please take a look at my work before you purchase to make sure I'm the right artist for you! :)

You will receive your special customised piece of art in the post plus a high res digital file that you can keep, print yourself, gift to friends, use on stationery... it's all yours! 

Any questions, please let me know! 


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