What Is One-Line Art? How To Create Art Using Only One Single Line

What Is One-Line Art? How To Create Art Using Only One Single Line

Hi, I’m Hanna Lee Tidd. I’m a minimalist artist, who draws one-line at a time. I’ve been drawing since I was young, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered one-line art and found my true passion as an artist. Read on to find out how to start your own one line journey.

Simplifying life’s chaotic moments one-line at a time.

One line art is a single line drawn in one continuous motion. It’s an unbroken, uninterrupted line that leaves no room for retracing or changing direction. If there are inconsistencies or mistakes in the drawing, they’re permanent and cannot be erased.

Traditionally, one-line drawings are done on paper with a pen or pencil, but I’ve been experimenting with using black ink as my medium because it’s crisp and unforgiving. Painting in ink requires a certain disconnection of the mind in order to relax into the flow. The act of painting in black ink is meditative for me.

The reason why I do this type of art is because every line has its own meaning for me: it represents my feelings about myself at that moment in time when it was created (the split second before you start drawing), and also what I think about life itself (what am I doing here?). By creating something so ephemeral—something that lasts only a few seconds before dissolving into thin air—it forces us as artists not only to experience beauty but also impermanence.


I think that is why they are so special to me. It’s a single perspective, a split second in time and a little window into my thinking at the moment it was created.

They’re not meant to be elaborate or detailed; they’re just quick ways to express something I feel strongly about.

One line art is pretty simple to create but requires focus and thoughtfulness when creating it. For example: if you were going to draw an apple tree with just one line, how would you do it? How would you represent the trunk without making it too thick? Or what about leaves on the branches – could they all be drawn as circles with no detail or would some need more detail than others? What kind of shading should there be on each part of this tree (if any)? And finally, how would we know if this was an apple tree at all if there wasn’t anything else around for comparison?!

One-line art is like therapy to me. It’s an escape from reality.

In this context, the word “escape” doesn’t mean escaping to your happy place—it means finding a safe space where you can feel comfortable and at home with who you are. It’s about stepping away from all of the stresses and pressures that come with daily life. And it goes beyond just an artistic endeavor; in fact, many artists use one line art as a way to relax and take time for themselves during their busy days.

One line art has also been shown to have benefits for mental health: It can help people feel more present in the moment, which can improve focus on tasks as well as reduce anxiety over future events (or past ones).

When I draw without interruption, I feel present, calm and at peace.

Drawing is a meditative practice that allows me to slow down, be present and create with focus. It’s a way for me to express my emotions and explore my inner self through simple marks on paper.

Drawing helps me relax and unwind from the stresses of daily life by opening up space inside my head where I can hear myself think clearly again – something that many people struggle with today because we’re constantly distracted by technology or other forms of entertainment like video games or TV shows (or maybe even this article).

My drawings are the manifestation of mindfulness.

If you’re new to this concept, mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. It’s a way of being rather than doing—of slowing down and meeting each moment with interest, compassion, and non-judgment. It’s both simple and difficult: easy because it doesn’t require much effort; hard because it challenges your mind to focus on what matters instead of running from discomfort or getting distracted by needless worries.

One line is all you need to express yourself as an artist

One-line art is a minimalist style of art that uses one continuous line to create an image. The style dates back to the 13th century, when monks would hand draw images onto parchment with reed pens. The technique has evolved over time, but the concept remains simple: using one continuous stroke across your canvas or paper, you can create drawings and designs with incredible detail and depth.

One-line art can be done on a variety of surfaces, including paper, canvas boards or walls themselves. If you’re artistic enough (and patient enough), it’s possible to use just one tool: like a fine-tipped ink pen or pencil lead!


When you think about it, one line really is all you need to express yourself as an artist. It doesn’t matter if your drawings are realistic or abstract; as long as they tell a story, they can be just as powerful as any other piece of art. I hope this post has inspired some of you out there who want to try out this style for yourselves! It may seem intimidating at first but with practice and patience, anyone can learn how to draw like this (even if it takes them a while). So go ahead and give it a shot – don’t forget that practice makes perfect 🙂

You can view some of my recent projects here, or purchase my artwork here.

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