Free yoga with I Am Yogi! :)

Free yoga with I Am Yogi! :)

Hello my friends! When I first moved to Birmingham, I found this little yoga cabin nestled among the trees in Moseley, and, without being dramatic - the place saved my life a little bit. <3

This beautiful community welcomed me in with open warrior arms and taught me how to breathe. Five years later and I'm still here at I Am Yogi. A completely different person, no longer flying onto my neighbours mat during Wild Thing, still crying every now and then during Savasana - but practicing regularly and still showing up. I've changed a lot over these past 5 years, but this place has always been my constant. These beautiful souls have kindly given me a free code for my friends and family to enjoy their at home classes for free for a month! (And that includes you because we’re all friends here obviously!)

It’s open to absolutely anybody, and because the classes are online you can access them from anywhere in the world. Head to their website, choose the "Yoga At Home" option and use my code HANNALEETIDD to get your free 30 days! I cannot recommend these teachers enough. Mercury is in microwave so if ever there was a time to invest a little time in yourself it’s now. Namaste my friends. :)

T+Cs - Your 30 day free trial gives you access to all the I AM YOGI AT HOME features. After the 30 days you will be charged £20/month  (the usual subscription cost), unless you cancel your subscription. Please note, you can cancel your subscription anytime. If you have any questions email 

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